Welcome to the Ultimate XOLIC realm where you will find updates on the upcoming new comic books of XOLIC UNLEASHED, Core Comandoz & Hellbownd by The Core Team Comics!!

~3/8/15 Today is a dark in our world... a big loss hit the Xolic Universe, Rick also known as Hunter 9.i0 has passed away on 3/6/15. His legacy will live on!! R.I.P 1983-2015

~3/4/15 The winner of the art competition is Dan The Man Eco in 1st place and in Second Place is Mimi-Chan runner up for 3rd is Bokuyo

~1/16/15 The Art Competition has started and the end date is 2/29/15 good luck!!

~1/1/15 Xolic Unleashed steps into 2015!!

~12/28/14 New Years is coming up and we all want to wish everyone a Happy New Years!! Lets make 2015  another amazing year!! Thanks to all of you, your helping our dreams come true.

~12/18/14 We would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays from Xolic Unleashed!! 

~ 12/12/14 The local Core Shop has been shut down, due to local customer interference. This is a dark day.

~11/25/14 Every Saturday we will be streaming our Tournaments off of the PS4 in the Core Shop, so come join Twitch or if you have a PS4 add XeahuleXolic or SoulStormer25 and come watch us stream out Yugioh Tournaments and SuperSmash bros along with many other games.

~ 11/24/14 More Xolic Art is on the way!!

~11/22/14 Thanksgiving is come very soon, we want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!!

~10/12/14 The Core Team Comics will be hosting a Halloween Party this 25th in The Core Shop!!

~10/5/14 We have some new art coming your way core fans!!

~9/22/14 Will be selling Shadow Realm Oricas, you can click the link to buy amazing orica cards!!

~9/16/14 Next week in the will be doing the very last tournament of Super Smash bro Brawl

~9/6/14 Flawless Cowboy is the new G.M of Sony Tournaments enjoy Core Fans!!

~8/25/14 Xeahule Birthday is the 28th

~8/20/14 Join us on PS4 - XeahuleXolic - JadeXolic  and GiaiDeath

~8/15/14 New Yugioh Set Duelist Alliance, Xeahule is now running Tellarknight Deck

~8/9/14 The Core Shop is running strong thank you for your support

~8/2/14 19th Year Anniversary of The Core Team Comics!! 

~7/3/14 Giai Death Birthday is on the 4th of July, you can tell your fav Silver Knight a Happy Birthday.

~7/2/14 More Videos will be posted of TCTC YT next week, due to this holiday weekend we are very busy, sorry for the delay.

~6/20/14 New videos will be posted of TCTC YT very soon, starting with Xeahule vs Viper and then for the Rev title Giai Death vs Jestdor. Stay tune for more!!

~6/16/14 Every Saturday VGGG host a Yugioh Tournament with Xeahule Xolic as the G.M, $5 to get in!! Playing with advance ban list and TCG card rulings.

~6/2/14 New Mortal Kombat 10 coming soon to PS4!!

~5/6/14 On the 23rd of this month Xeahule Xolic is starting up Yugioh!! Also Jade X birthday is on the 23rd.

~5/2/14  Jade X say's she will be hosting a new tournament using the game call Aquapazza on PS3.

~4/28/14 MTG winner's from the lat tournament Metal Ace and Jade X is the new World Champion

~4/16/14 Core Shop opening soon here in Orchard Park NY!!

~4/4/14 Pokemon League will be starting up very soon, sing up to become a gym leader message Xeahule for more info.

~3/12/14 Xeahule and Jade X will be making a new page very soon for your gaming needs, stuck on a problem or need a quick way to get ahead then check out Xolic Gaming tip's coming soon!!

~ 3/9/14 If you would like to play PS3/PSVita or PS4 with anyone from Xolic Unleashed just add XeahuleXolic, JadeXolic, GiaiDeath, or SoulStormer25 as a PSN name.

~2/9/14 Shia Xolic Birthday !!!!

~2/8/14 The winners of the Art contest are!!
1st Kim's Nira Force - Your Choice.
2end Silva - Remake

3rd Hunter9.i0 - A pat on the back.

~ 2/2/2014 New Bio added to Xolic Unleashed more to come so stay tune.

~1/1/14 The winners of the Art contest are!!
1st Hunter9.i0 - Your Choice.
2end Bokuyo - Remake.
3rd Dan the man Eco - Pat on the back.

~ 1/1/14 Happy New year to all our Core Fans!

~12/31/13 For the 1st time ever to start off the new year- Xeahule Xolic battled Jade X in dungeon dice monster and became the 1st ever champion for TCTC, he will be defending his title ( The Warden Championship) to anyone who wishes to face him 1 on 1.  

~12/25/13 Merry Christmas!!

~12/1/13 Xeahule has is dueling Mcfly in a dark match (not recorded) = the winner is Xeahule Xolic
Soul Stormer also jumped in and faced off with his  teacher for some 1 on 1 training duels.

~11/22/13 Jump in fast duelist Xeahule duel school is open!! For new duelist, want to learn form the Master, then swing by his place or join him on skype (XeahuleXolic)

~11/20/13 Jade X says once S-Zero is compleat the next Yugioh Tournament begins

~11/14/13 PS4 is coming out tonight!!

~10/31/13 Happy Halloween, From TCTC!!

~10/22/13 The winners of the Art contest are!!
1st Metal Giai!! Your Choice!!
2end Mimi-Chan = Remake!!
3rd Dan the man Eco and  Bokuyo Somigoti the 2 of you both get a pat on the back

~10/18/13 Xeahule Xolic is updating the Xolic Unleashed Bio's check out the new art

~9/26/13 The Cafe Press Shop has some new items, go check it out ;)

~9/26/13 Xeahule came up with a new TCTC symbol, it will be posted on the 27th

~ 9/22/13 The Winners of the art contest are!!
#1 are DantheMan Eco & Bokuyo Somigoti & Metal Giai
(your Choice)
#2 Mimi Chan (Remake)
#3 Silva (A pat on the back)

~ 8/24/13 The Winners of the art contest are!!
#1 Rycha Core (Your Choice)
#2 KimsNira Force (Remake)
#3 Dan the man Eco (pat on the back = good job)

~ 8/2/13 18th year Anniversary of TheCoreTeamComics

~ 7/20/13 The winners of the art contest are!!
#1 KimsNiraForce (Your Choice)
#2 MetalGiai (Remake)
#3 Devomfan (Pat on the back = good job)

~7/9/13 Hello core fans check out the Core Shop and get some new cards or video games

~ 7/8/13 Jade X is working hard on the new Xolic art, she will be posting very soon

~ 7/7/13 Xeahule will be putting his MTG Title on the line this upcoming Sat, so get Ready Core Fans it's Jade X vs Xeahule X

~7/6/13 Today we ran out of space for our videos so we deleted tuns of our old Tournament videos, it's time for a fresh plate