Welcome to the Ultimate XOLIC realm where you will find updates on the upcoming new comic books of XOLIC UNLEASHED, Core Comandoz & Hellbownd by The Core Team Comics!!

~7/12/15 A re-amp is being in set of S-Zero and all of Xolic Unleashed!!

~6/30/15 Xeahule Xolic is now on set for a staring role in Down on your luck who will also feature Richard Thrift, Yuki, Jade X, Discoman and Soul Stormer!! Coming soon!!

~6/22/15 Xeahule Xolic played as a Zombie in Alive the Undead Series

~5/29/15 We will be back on track soon, keep believing core fans and thank you for all your support  

~4/8/15 Looking to play some games with Team Xolic Unleashed come join us on PS4,PS3 or PS Vita just add XeahuleXolic, JadeXolic, GiaiDeath,kangkunamatata (Discoman) SoulStormer25, ShiaXolic and HarukaXolic.

~4/6/15 Upcoming new projects for the future on Xolic Unleashed will be announced soon, in other news MTG will be making a come back, a possible tournament in the tournament will be announced as well. Lets hope the new G.M steps out of the shadows. 

~4/4/15 Xeahule has decided to challenge anyone for his World Title in Yugioh, Jade jumped on the opportunity to face off with ultimate world champion for one epic battle as they both honor our fallen TCTC fan. The next set date will be 8/2/15 when all titles will be on the line and as we celebrate our 20th year together.   

~3/8/15 Today is a dark in our world... a big loss hit the Xolic Universe, Rick also known as Hunter 9.i0 has passed away on 3/6/15. His legacy will live on!! R.I.P 1983-2015

~3/4/15 The winner of the art competition is Dan The Man Eco in 1st place and in Second Place is Mimi-Chan runner up for 3rd is Bokuyo

~1/16/15 The Art Competition has started and the end date is 2/29/15 good luck!!

~1/1/15 Xolic Unleashed steps into 2015!!

~12/28/14 New Years is coming up and we all want to wish everyone a Happy New Years!! Lets make 2015  another amazing year!! Thanks to all of you, your helping our dreams come true.

~12/18/14 We would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays from Xolic Unleashed!! 

~ 12/12/14 The local Core Shop has been shut down, due to local customer interference. This is a dark day.

~11/25/14 Every Saturday we will be streaming our Tournaments off of the PS4 in the Core Shop, so come join Twitch or if you have a PS4 add XeahuleXolic or SoulStormer25 and come watch us stream out Yugioh Tournaments and SuperSmash bros along with many other games.

~ 11/24/14 More Xolic Art is on the way!!

~11/22/14 Thanksgiving is come very soon, we want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!!

~10/12/14 The Core Team Comics will be hosting a Halloween Party this 25th in The Core Shop!!

~10/5/14 We have some new art coming your way core fans!!

~9/22/14 Will be selling Shadow Realm Oricas, you can click the link to buy amazing orica cards!!

~9/16/14 Next week in the will be doing the very last tournament of Super Smash bro Brawl

~9/6/14 Flawless Cowboy is the new G.M of Sony Tournaments enjoy Core Fans!!

~8/25/14 Xeahule Birthday is the 28th

~8/20/14 Join us on PS4 - XeahuleXolic - JadeXolic  and GiaiDeath

~8/15/14 New Yugioh Set Duelist Alliance, Xeahule is now running Tellarknight Deck

~8/9/14 The Core Shop is running strong thank you for your support

~8/2/14 19th Year Anniversary of The Core Team Comics!! 

~7/3/14 Giai Death Birthday is on the 4th of July, you can tell your fav Silver Knight a Happy Birthday.

~7/2/14 More Videos will be posted of TCTC YT next week, due to this holiday weekend we are very busy, sorry for the delay.

~6/20/14 New videos will be posted of TCTC YT very soon, starting with Xeahule vs Viper and then for the Rev title Giai Death vs Jestdor. Stay tune for more!!

~6/16/14 Every Saturday VGGG host a Yugioh Tournament with Xeahule Xolic as the G.M, $5 to get in!! Playing with advance ban list and TCG card rulings.

~6/2/14 New Mortal Kombat 10 coming soon to PS4!!

~5/6/14 On the 23rd of this month Xeahule Xolic is starting up Yugioh!! Also Jade X birthday is on the 23rd.

~5/2/14  Jade X say's she will be hosting a new tournament using the game call Aquapazza on PS3.

~4/28/14 MTG winner's from the lat tournament Metal Ace and Jade X is the new World Champion

~4/16/14 Core Shop opening soon here in Orchard Park NY!!

~4/4/14 Pokemon League will be starting up very soon, sing up to become a gym leader message Xeahule for more info.

~3/12/14 Xeahule and Jade X will be making a new page very soon for your gaming needs, stuck on a problem or need a quick way to get ahead then check out Xolic Gaming tip's coming soon!!

~ 3/9/14 If you would like to play PS3/PSVita or PS4 with anyone from Xolic Unleashed just add XeahuleXolic, JadeXolic, GiaiDeath, or SoulStormer25 as a PSN name.

~2/9/14 Shia Xolic Birthday !!!!

~2/8/14 The winners of the Art contest are!!
1st Kim's Nira Force - Your Choice.
2end Silva - Remake

3rd Hunter9.i0 - A pat on the back.

~ 2/2/2014 New Bio added to Xolic Unleashed more to come so stay tune.

~1/1/14 The winners of the Art contest are!!
1st Hunter9.i0 - Your Choice.
2end Bokuyo - Remake.
3rd Dan the man Eco - Pat on the back.

~ 1/1/14 Happy New year to all our Core Fans!

~12/31/13 For the 1st time ever to start off the new year- Xeahule Xolic battled Jade X in dungeon dice monster and became the 1st ever champion for TCTC, he will be defending his title ( The Warden Championship) to anyone who wishes to face him 1 on 1.  

~12/25/13 Merry Christmas!!

~12/1/13 Xeahule has is dueling Mcfly in a dark match (not recorded) = the winner is Xeahule Xolic
Soul Stormer also jumped in and faced off with his  teacher for some 1 on 1 training duels.

~11/22/13 Jump in fast duelist Xeahule duel school is open!! For new duelist, want to learn form the Master, then swing by his place or join him on skype (XeahuleXolic)

~11/20/13 Jade X says once S-Zero is compleat the next Yugioh Tournament begins

~11/14/13 PS4 is coming out tonight!!

~10/31/13 Happy Halloween, From TCTC!!

~10/22/13 The winners of the Art contest are!!
1st Metal Giai!! Your Choice!!
2end Mimi-Chan = Remake!!
3rd Dan the man Eco and  Bokuyo Somigoti the 2 of you both get a pat on the back

~10/18/13 Xeahule Xolic is updating the Xolic Unleashed Bio's check out the new art

~9/26/13 The Cafe Press Shop has some new items, go check it out ;)

~9/26/13 Xeahule came up with a new TCTC symbol, it will be posted on the 27th

~ 9/22/13 The Winners of the art contest are!!
#1 are DantheMan Eco & Bokuyo Somigoti & Metal Giai
(your Choice)
#2 Mimi Chan (Remake)
#3 Silva (A pat on the back)

~ 8/24/13 The Winners of the art contest are!!
#1 Rycha Core (Your Choice)
#2 KimsNira Force (Remake)
#3 Dan the man Eco (pat on the back = good job)

~ 8/2/13 18th year Anniversary of TheCoreTeamComics

~ 7/20/13 The winners of the art contest are!!
#1 KimsNiraForce (Your Choice)
#2 MetalGiai (Remake)
#3 Devomfan (Pat on the back = good job)

~7/9/13 Hello core fans check out the Core Shop and get some new cards or video games

~ 7/8/13 Jade X is working hard on the new Xolic art, she will be posting very soon

~ 7/7/13 Xeahule will be putting his MTG Title on the line this upcoming Sat, so get Ready Core Fans it's Jade X vs Xeahule X

~7/6/13 Today we ran out of space for our videos so we deleted tuns of our old Tournament videos, it's time for a fresh plate